Cosmos Creations Puffed Corn, Premium, Caramel Apple Crisp

Made with real apple. Made with real apple. Non-GMO corn. Gluten-free. No hulls or kernels. No trans fat. No hulls. No kernels. Ingredients you can pronounce. Facebook: F/CosomosCreations. Twitter: T/CosomosCreations. If you're ready for a unique experience, then let Cosmos Creations take you there. Every bag begins with pure, non-GMO corn, baked in the oven for a taste that's out-of-this-world. Every bite is an explosion of flavor and a mouthful of happiness. It's easy to brag about what's inside every bag, but what's excluded - gluten, trans-fats, hulls, kernels, preservatives and additives - is even more important. Just natural ingredients you can pronounce and a taste that's almost heavenly. This flavor is a no brainer. Our classic premium puffed corn served summer-style with a delicious combination of crisp, tart apple crumbles and silky sweet caramel. It's a crunchy snack twist on a classic treat, loved by the entire family! Indulge your sweet tooth with moments of unparalleled bliss. Real apple chunks. Premium puffed corn. Sweet decadent caramel. Need we say more? No artificial ingredients. Minimally processed. Try our other flavors too! Oh God - The heavens are yours, the earth also is yours; the world and all its fullness. You have founded them. Psalms 89:11. Made in USA.