KIT KAT® Milk Chocolate Wafer Extra Large Candy, Halloween Candy, 4.5 oz, Bar

Make break time, anytime with extra-large KIT KAT® candy bars! Reach, grab, unwrap and place these unforgettable milk chocolate crisp wafers into your mouth whenever you need to catch a break from work, school or the everyday grind. KIT KAT® Crisp Wafers in milk chocolate are an irresistible combination of creamy chocolate and crisp wafer bars that you can break apart, bite into or nibble on depending on your style. Whatever makes you smile at the end is what matters. With an extra-large candy bar, you can take these delicious sweets wherever you want. Keep a sneaky stash by your desk, in your car or put a few in your pantry for later. You can even take several extra-large bars over to a friend's house or share the chocolates as a dessert after dinner. And let's not forget how perfect they go as ice cream toppers! These kosher chocolate wafers are ready when you want to enjoy a sweet moment alone or with loved ones by your side during every holiday of the year.