Frito Lay Smart Mix, Variety Sack

6 Baked! Cheetos brand cheese flavored snacks - crunchy (7/8 oz each), 3 Baked! Ruffles brand potato crisps (7/8 oz each), 5 Rold Gold brand Classic Tiny Twists pretzels (1 oz each), 6 Baked! Doritos brand nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips (3/4 oz each). Looking for smarter snacking options? Then grab a 20-count Smart Mix Variety Sack from Frito-Lay. Finally, a fun variety of snacks that your entire family will enjoy. And these smarter choices come in a convenient sack that's easy to carry and easy to store! Take 'em for after the game, take 'em on the road, take 'em anywhere, just grab 'em and go! with the Smart Mix Variety Sack! 0 g trans fat.