Keebler Variety Pack Animals Crackers, Frosted Animals Crackers and Iced Animals Crackers - 12 pack

Keebler Variety 12 Pack. 4 Packages Animals Frosted Cookies Fully Frosted Shortbread Animals Shapes. 4 Packages Animals Crackers. 4 Packages Animals Cookies Iced, Lightly Frosted Shortbread Animal Shapes. Visit for information on promotions, recipes, products, and FAQs. To check your offer order status go to: Phone us at 1-877-453-5837 Write to P.O. Box CAMB, Battle Creek, MI 49016-1986. Provide production code on package. News from the Hollow Tree! Keebler and Terracycle have joined forces to collect and turn cookie wrappers into great eco-friendly products your family will love. Get involved and discover how wrappers can be repurposed through upcycling - go to