Rold Gold Pretzel Waves Pretzel Snacks, Vanilla Yogurt Drizzle

Artificially flavored. The classic taste of pretzels with a crispy crunch and a touch of sweetness! Since 1917, Rold Gold Brand pretzels has prided itself on baking authentic, great tasting pretzels. We make our pretzels by taking simple, quality ingredients and baking them with old-world care, giving you the robust flavor and crispy texture you expect in a great pretzel. Rold Gold brand Pretzel Waves brand. Pretzel snacks have great pretzel taste with a crispy chip-like crunch. Try Rold Gold Waves artificially flavored Vanilla Yogurt Drizzle pretzel snacks when you are looking for a sweet pick me up! We add sweet flavor to the salty crunch of pretzels to give you the perfect snacking combination.