Rubbermaid Fresh Works Produce Saver, Small, 2.5 Cups

591 ml. New! Fresh Vent Technology: Keep produce fresh up to 80% longer (Based on strawberries in FreshWorks containers vs store packaging). Regulates airflow to create the optimal environment for your produce. Filter lasts a lifetime. No refills needed. FreshVent Lid: Patented membrane naturally regulates the flow of 02, & CO2 to create the optimal environment so your produce stays farm fresh. Produce Container: Sized to optimally fit & keep produce fresher, longer. CrispTray: Elevates produce away from moisture and promotes proper airflow to help prevent spoilage. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. To learn more about Rubbermaid FreshWorks containers and other tips around produce preservation go to Enjoy a fresh perspective. Keep produce fresh up to 80% longer (Based on strawberries in Fresh Works containers vs. store packaging at day 21. Results may vary depending upon produce and use)- a difference you can see. In-store packaging vs Rubbermaid Fresh Works. Freshness that fits. This fresh family of three is sized just right for produce. Small: 2.5 cups; 591 ml; one pint of berries. Medium: 6.3 cups; 1.5 l; one pound (16 oz) of strawberries. Large: 17.3 cups; 4.0 l; one head of lettuce. We would love to hear from your. 888-895-2110. Made in Malaysia.