Pestell Pet Products Bedding & Litter, Pine

Compressed size (8.2L/500 cu. in.) Easy Clean. Ideal for hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, hedgehogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, rats as well as birds and other small animals. The Easy Clean family of fine pet products is compromised of all-natural biodegradable shavings with no additives. Easy Clean bedding is forest fresh and air-dried for maximum absorbency. Easy Clean bedding products are available in both press-packs and large bales and come in a variety of sizes and mixtures to suit all your small animal seeds. Easy Clean Pine - This 100% natural Canadian Pine bedding is a softwood product and provides maximum absorbency. Pine provides a dry, clean, natural home, for your small animals. Easy Clean Aromatic Cedar - This aromatic red cedar bedding makes an excellent fresh smelling home for you small animals. Easy Clean Pine/Cedar Blend - This is a unique blend available only from Easy Clean. The Pine/Cedar blend provides maximum absorbency and a forest fresh scent from the aromatic cedar. Easy Clean Aspen - This is an excellent bedding for small animals and some replies. Easy Clean aspen is highly absorbents, odorless, and very clean. The unique feature of the Easy Clean is highly absorbent, odourless, and very clean. The unique feature of the Easy Clean aspen is that it encourages your small animal to nest as it is easily shredded. The Easy Clean of products are made from renewable resources and are a by-product of the wood industry. Because it is all-natural and biodegradable, Easy Clean can be disposed of with no negative impact on the environment. Renewable resource. Environmentally friendly. Product of Canada.