Schar Anellini

Authentic Italian pasta. Gluten-free. Cholesterol free. Preservative-free. Italian cuisine is inspired by passion, tradition, pleasure and especially great taste. Whether it's the pizzas or the wide variety of pastas, the Schar Bonta d'Italia specialties are made in Italy with the finest ingredients and are surprisingly easy to prepare. Available not only at home, but also at select Schar Bonta d'Italia partner restaurants - visit Small but powerful, anellini is perfect for making soup. Whether in broth, vegetable, or creamy soups, this high quality noodle maintains its shape and texture. Not only does this pasta taste good, but also it's good for the environment - our pasta is sustainably produced using solar, water and wind energy. We support celiac disease research and organizations that assist people with special dietary needs. Wheat-free. Lactose-free. Visit us at Questions or comments? Call 201-355-8470. Go to & sign up for free gluten-free coupons, discussion, promotions, recipes and expert advice. Facebook: Schar gluten-free. Twitter at Scharglutenfree. Pinterest: scharusa. YouTube: Schar gluten-free. Product of Italy.