Seventh Generation Bathroom Tissue, 100% Recycled, Double Rolls, White, 2-Ply

4 rolls. 300 - 2-ply sheets per roll. 4 in x 4 in (10.1 cm x 10.1 cm). Total area 133 sq ft (12.3 m squared). Softness & strength 4 double rolls = 8 regular rolls (Compared to the total square footage of a regular roll 150 ct 4 inch x 4 inch sheet). Caring today for seven generations of tomorrows. Minimum 50% post-consumer recycled paper. Whitened without chlorine bleach. 2-ply tissue for strength and softness. Minimum 50% post-consumer recycled paper. Maximum 50% pre-consumer recycled paper. Designed to be both gentle and durable, Seventh Generation 100% recycled bath tissue gets your family comfortably clean - without turning trees into disposable paper products. Thank you for helping to conserve valuable natural resources. If every household in the US replaced just one 4-pack of 300 sheet virgin fiber bathroom tissue with our 100% recycled product we could save, 630,000 trees. Our Promise to You: It Works: 2-ply for softness and strength. It's Free and Clear: Whitened without chlorine. No added dyes, inks or fragrances. We Care: Clinically proven hypoallergenic. Safe for standard septic systems, including RV & marine. Contact us at 1-800-456-1191. Made in USA with materials recycled in North America.