Meaty Bone® Large Dog Biscuits 22.5 oz. Box

It's all about bold meaty satisfaction!™ Meaty Bone® biscuits are the tasty, indulgent, meaty snack that beats dry ordinary biscuits any day! Bold, Baked-in Meaty Taste: Basted with the beefiest flavor, every bite of a Meaty Bone® biscuit is bursting with the baked-in, meaty flavor your dog craves. Cleans teeth with every bite. Meaty Bone® biscuits aren't just tasty, they're crunchy too! These meaty treats help scrape away tartar--which can slow tooth decay and fight bad breath. It's never been easier to keep your dog's teeth clean with the mouth-watering, satisfying taste of Meaty Bone® biscuits. Cleans Teeth Baked-in Meaty Flavor For dog 50-100 lbs Bold, Meaty Satisfaction!™