With oxy stain destroyers. For carpet, rugs & upholstery. Safe for kids and pets (Family and pet safe when used as directed). Permanent stain removal in 30 seconds. Eliminates tough pet odors. Discourages resoiling in the same area. Leaves a long lasting fresh scent. Instantly & Permanently Removes Tough Stains Like: urine; feces; vomit; tracked-in dirt; mud; blood; grass; tomato sauce; salad dressing; red wine; fruit juice; make-up; food grease; vegetable oil; coffee; cola; tea; dirty motor oil and more! Questions or comments: call 1-800-451-7847. Visit our web site at: www.woolitecarpet.com. This product does not contain phosphates. Contains no harsh chemicals or solvents. Bottle made with minimum 25% post-consumer plastic. Please separate and recycle. Download for additional information. Don’t have a code reader app? Text a picture of the code to 43588.