O Cedar Dual-Action Broom & Dust Pan Set, Angler, Indoor

Foam blade grabs more dirt, dust and hair. Makes your life easier! Cleaning cones removes hair & dirt. Foam blade and angled bristles grab more dirt, dust and hair. Anti-static dust pan with cleaning cones leaves pan and broom clean after each use. What is sweeping foam? A tough foam material that creates a barrier to dirt as you sweep. It attracts and traps fine particles and hair, keeping dust from rising into the air until its swept into a dust pan or shaken into the trash can. Scan with smartphone to learn more about the Dual-Action Angler! Satisfaction guaranteed since 1906. People have trusted O-Cedar for over 100 years to make their lives easier with dependable products that help get their cleaning jobs done right. If you are not completely satisfied, please return product to us with your sales receipt for a replacement or refund. Visit us at: www.ocedar.com. Attn: Consumer Affairs, 2188 Diehl Road, Aurora, IL 60502 1-800-543-8105. Removable and washable foam blade grabs more dirt, dust and hair. Cleaning cones remove hair & dirt. Memory bristles resist bending and retain shape. Antistatic plastic dust pan releases dirt easily. Assembled in the USA with components made in USA, Spain and China.