Dial Moisturizing Body Wash Vitamin Boost Amazing B

Dial® Vitamin Boost Amazing B Moisturizing Body Wash. New! Vitamin boost for healthy, soft skin. Lotion infused. Moisture Balance™. Moisturizing. Clean rinsing. Rich lather. An advanced moisture-attracting formula for lasting, lightweight hydration. Dial® healthier skin. Healthier You®. Dial® Vitamin boost lotion-infused amazing B body wash gives your skin a boost of moisturizing nourishment. The advanced formula contains a moisturizing Vitamin complex, which helps draw moisture directly to your skin to leave it feeling healthy and soft. Vitamin fact: Vitamin B is a natural humectant that helps draw in moisture and keep skin hydrated. The distinctive design and elements of this package are proprietary and owned by The Dial Corporation, A Henkel Company. 1-800-258-DIAL (3425). www.dialsoap.com. ©2013 The Dial Corporation A Henkel Company.