Emeril's Panko Bread Crumbs Original

Kick your cooking up another notch! With my original panko. What panko? It’s a Japanese-style breadcrumb that gives foods a greater surface area than regular bread crumbs. Foods coated with Panko develop a delicious, delicate crispiness unlike anything you’ve prepared at home. We’ve been using panko in my restaurants for years. Combine with fresh ingredients and take your dishes up another notch! - Emil. Emeril's Original Panko can be used instead of breadcrumbs in just about any recipe. Lightly dust food with flour, dip in beaten egg, and cover completely with Panko before you bake, saute or fry. To make a delicious topping for fish, vegetables, casseroles, macaroni and cheese and many other dishes, simply sauce 1/2 cup of Panko with 1 tbsp of butter or oil until golden brown. www.emerilcooking.com. Questions, comments? PO Box K, Roseland, NJ 07054. When writing us please include code number on package. More great recipes from emeril at www.emerilcooking.com