Silver Palate Grain Berry Whole Grain Brownie Mix

Antioxidants. Whole grain. Three types of antioxidants (cocoa, whole wheat, special bran). Whole Grain: 8 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. New! Deluxe gold select - robust taste. How does Grain Berry Brownie Mix differ from Others? Now delicious fudge brownies for dessert, school lunch and snacks at home - baked by you with your own fresh egg, vegetable oil and no trans fat. This mix is made with the whole grain of wheat, containing the wheat germ, endosperm, (starchy inner layer) and wheat bran. Plus we add the outer bran layer of high tannin sorghum to enhance dietary fiber and natural antioxidants. (See side panel for ORAC values). Our rich cocoa ingredient adds a delicious chocolate taste to these remarkable brownies so they're very fudgy and very chocolaty. Natural Berries of Grain is the Grain Berry Benefit for you. We actually grow the Grain Berry plants to obtain these remarkable berries of grain for our delicious foods in order to go beyond whole grain alone. We remove the outer layer of the grain berries in order to obtain the valuable bran layer containing antioxidants and dietary fiber. We add that special bran to our bran flakes and toasted oats cereals, pancake & waffle mix, cinnamon bran muffin mix, snack & exercise crackers and now brownie mix and pasta items. All are whole grain oats or wheat and high tannin sorghum bran for extra fiber and antioxidants. That is the Grain Berry story for you and your family's well being. Now Grain Berry Brownie Mix with three types of antioxidants! (Cocoa, whole wheat and special bran). Antioxidant ORAC Values (Limitations of ORAC Values). ORAC is laboratory measure of antioxidant potential of foods. It stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. This Product: 10,200 (umoleTE/100 g). Blueberries 6,552 (umoleTE/100 g). Pomegranate juice 2,341) (umoleTE/100 g). Concord grape juice 2,377 (umoleTE/100 g). ORAC levels can vary based on growing conditions and other variables. The above are only representative ORAC values. The ORAC values of foods does not suggest or imply that one food is healthier or more nutritious than another. We recommend that the consumer eat a balance of foods low in saturated fat, trans fat and cholesterol with a significant part of the diet of dark green, yellow and brown vegetables, fruits and whole grains. We urge you to visit, to eat a whole range of natural antioxidants from foods, not just one miracle food. We suggest a balance of antioxidants and diet high in dietary fiber. Silver Palate San Marzano Pasta Sauce Line: Made with heirloom tomatoes. Contains no tomato paste. No refined sugar added. More lycopene antioxidant than altered tomatoes.