Campbell's® Gravy, Chicken, 13.8  oz. Can

Campbell's® Chicken Gravy adds delicious, savory flavor to complete your family meal. Whether it's the holiday season or a just a weeknight dinner, Campbell's® Chicken Gravy makes it easy to enhance all of your family meals by adding savory flavor to all of your favorite dishes. Campbell's® makes great-tasting gravies for your culinary needs. Whether you're cooking a weeknight dinner or finishing your holiday spread, Campbell's gravy is the perfect addition to complete your meal. [15% more than the leading 12 oz. glass jar gravy] Flavorful chicken gravy perfect for complementing your favorite dishes Each 13.8 oz. can contains about 7 servings Made with real stock Simply use to complete dishes like mashed potatoes or check the can for our Easy Baked Chicken recipe! Add the finishing touch to your everyday or holiday meals