Mott's Variety Pack Cinnamon/Apple Apple Sauce 16 ea

16 clear pouches. 8 - cinnamon; 8 - apple. Made from 100% real fruit. Cinnamon: Naturally flavored. Gluten free. Good source of vitamin C. No artificial flavors or colors. Look! New clear pouches. Since 1842. Great taste you can see. Sup! I'm Crispin: I love bangin on my drums, For me, rock n roll is life. Hope to catch you at the next jam sesh! Hey I'm Mac: I'm the leader of the pack catch me on the court shootin hopes hanging with my core buds! Just like mac and Crispin, Mott’s applesauce is a perfect combination of delicious taste and wholesome apple goodness. 1-800-426-4851. Regardless of whether you enjoy shootin hoops or Jammin cut Mott’s Applesauce is great on the go snack. Meet up with the whole crew at Please recycle.