Dr McDougalls Soup, Lower Sodium, Lentil

40% less sodium than our regular lentil soup. No gluten ingredients. Vegan. No BPA lining. All natural. 25% more soup (At least 25% more soup than a 14.1 oz canned soup). This package is not lined with the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) because we really do care about your delicious wellness. FSC: Mix board from responsible sources. Sustaining the earth. Sustaining you. Tetra Recart. Tetra Pak. The famous McDougall Program is located in Santa Rosa, California. Enjoy Dr McDougall's Right Foods for on-the-go delicious wellness. Dr. McDougalls Right Foods are always delicious, natural, and moderate in calories and fat. We like non-genetically modified ingredients and make nutritious foods that are tasty sources of plant protein, fiber and antioxidants for your delicious wellness. Dr. McDougalls Lower Sodium Lentil Soup is an absolutely delicious soup that happens to be amazingly good for you. With only 140 calories each filling serving provides 9 g of plant based protein and 10 g fiber. Enjoy.