Gts Living Foods Alive Adaptogenic Tea, Black Lemon

Per Bottle: Probiotics Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086 (1 Billion Organisms) (At the time of bottling), Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (30 g), Reishi Mushroom (600 mg), Chaga Mushroom (600 mg), Turkey Tail Mushroom (600 mg). About 25 mg of caffeine per bottle. Reishi. Chaga. Turkey tail. Mind. Body. Spirit. Life in Balance. I believe one's quality of life is steeped in a delicate balance of mind, body, and spirit. Inspired by ancient practices of holistic health, I've combined sacred gifts from Mother Nature to craft Alive an earthy, sparkling tea with adaptogenic properties to recenter the mind, restore the body. and revitalize the spirit. - GT Dave, Founder. This Bottle is Alive with: Plant Adaptogens (we use reishi, chaga, and turkey tail) known in Ayurvedie healing to promote homeostasis and stabilize the body's response to stress. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar which help to maintain a balanced pH. Activated Charcoal to help with detoxification and cleansing. Living Probiotics to nurture the gut and aid digestive health. Black loose leaf tea, native to India uplifts the spirit with a gentle touch of caffeine. Lightly sparkling. Made with whole ingredients and 100% pure love. Contact us: Toll-free: 877-735-8423. info(at) Please recycle.