Snapple Watermelon Lemonade, 16 fl oz bottle

Flavored lemonade from concentrate with other natural flavors. 10% juice - from a blend of lemon and watermelon juice. All natural. Contains 10% juice. 150 calories per bottle. New. Settling is natural. Are you looking for a one-in-a-melon flavor? Snapple lemonades are powerhouse pairing of the Snapple fruit flavors you've come to love, with the sweet, refreshing taste of ice cold lemonade. We've taken two summer favorites, watermelon and lemonade, and created the new standard in thirst quenching. Sweet, sour, and seedless - every sip breaks up the blah. Snapple Watermelon Lemonade - because every day should taste like summer. Gluten free. Please recycle.