Sioux City Sarsaparilla Root Beer Caffeine Free - 4/12 fl oz pk

MADE WITH PURE CANE SUGAR. CAFFEINE FREE. Sarsaparilla. ENOUGH TO QUENCH A COWBOY'S THIRST. Y' all never imagined that poppin' the top off a refreshing Sioux City would take your thirst places its never been - but it's true. One drink and you might as well be walkin' through the saloon doors to the sounds of piano music and poker hands - it's the old west. And that's exactly where the authentic flavors of Sioux City originated. Cause with all the dust-a-blowin' and with every tumbleweed-a-rollin', there's a real parched cowboy lookin' to quench his thirst. Today, that cowboy's you. GO AHEAD COWBOY...DRINK UP. Mosey on down to a saloon near you and quench your thirst with any of these classic Sioux City flavors: Sarsaparilla Root Beer Cream Soda Orange Cream Birch Beer Berry Berry Cherries 'n Mint Diet Sarsaparilla.