CRYSTAL LIGHT Tropical Paradise Punch Liquid Concentrate With Caffeine

Crystal Light Tropical Paradise Punch Liquid Energy Drink Mix With Caffeine is a deliciously fruity beverage to help keep you feeling refreshed and energized at home or on the go. The liquid drink mix with zero sugar blends easily with water so you can shake up your day with a delicious sugar free tropical punch beverage instantly. Crystal Light Liquid drink mix has zero calories and zero grams of sugar. Each no calorie serving has 30 milligrams of caffeine so you can be at your best all day long. The compact 1.62 fluid ounce squeeze bottle fits easily in your purse, bag, or car so you can enjoy the great taste of Crystal Light anytime, anywhere! To prepare, simply squeeze a few drops of the sugar free liquid drink mix into water, stir, and enjoy! All the flavor and no calories just the way you like it.