Green Mountain Coffeehouse Drink, Premium, Iced Latte, Espresso, Vanilla

Naturally & artificially flavored. 140 calories per serving. Savor a premium latte at home. Made with premium espresso. Our Vanilla Espresso Iced Latte captures the rich, authentic taste of a latte from the coffeehouse. Our special blend uses real milk, cream and 100% arabica beans for bold, smooth espresso flavor. A note of sweet vanilla adds the perfect finishing touch. Invigorate and refresh with a Vanilla Espresso Iced Latte any time - just shake, pour over ice and enjoy! Take a moment. Everybody needs some time to chill out. Green Mountain Coffee makes it easy with our Vanilla Espresso Iced Latte - a refreshing, ready-to-drink treat that's so fresh and delicious, you'll think it's from your local coffee shop. That's because at Green Mountain Coffee, we're passionate about crafting coffee that does more than just satisfy - it inspires. After all, great coffee can make a good day even better. Made in USA.