Grabber Warmers, Weekender Pack

Stay warm on your next adventure with 2 pairs of toe warmers; 2 body warmers; 2 pairs of hand warmers. Grabber Warmers Weekender Pack is the solution for keeping warm so you can stay outside longer. Put in your car, sports bag, emergency kits or give as a warm gift. Odorless. Long lasting. Great for on the go activities. Safe for environment. Product Details: Simply open individual warmer units and expose to oxygen. Warmer begins heating in a few minutes. Warmers can only be used one time. No shaking necessary. Specific details on back of individual packages. Adhesive body warmers lasts 12+ hours with multiple placement options. Adhesive toe warmers lasts 6+ hours and are ultra thin for comfort. Hand warmers 7+ hours and fit great in pockets, mittens, and gloves. Stay warm on your next adventure. National ski patrol. American Association of Snowboard Instructors. The Conservation Alliance. Made in Japan.