Gillette Fusion ProSeries Irritation 5 Defense Soothing Moisturizer

Gillette® Fusion® ProSeries™ Irritation 5 Defense™ Soothing Moisturizer. Helps reduce 5 signs of Shaving Irritation™. Dryness. Burning. Stinging. Itching. Tightness. The Irritation Defense formula hydrates to relieve dryness and soothe the burning feel of just shaved skin. Formulated with an active soothing complex and a touch of aloe. For incredible comfort, use a ProGlide razor with the full range of Gillette irritation defense products every time you shave: Before the shave. Face wash. During the shave. ProGlide razor and shave gel. After the shave. Soothing moisturizer. Comments 1-800-GILLETTE or visit