Better Bakery Melts, Artisan, Cheese & Pepperoni Pizza

Pasteurized process mozzarella cheese, pizza sauce & sliced pepperoni hand rolled into a soft artisan bread sandwich, topped with parmesan herb crumble. Always hand crafted. Now 60% more (as compared to our original pepperoni & cheese pizza melt) pepperoni. Microwavable. Fully cooked. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Hand Topped: Hand topped with tasty parmesan herb crumble. Hand Picked: Meats & cheeses from end to end so your first bite is as good as the last. Hand Cut: Hand cut baguette slits to allow even baking throughout the sandwich. Hand Rolled: Our soft artisan bread is hand rolled. Delicious baked or microwaved. We started with a question - Can beautiful, hand crafted sandwiches be made for everyone to enjoy? And so our journey began - soon, we realized we couldn't do it alone, so we pursued bakers and chefs who share our values, and are committed to one simple thing - making better food. We spent countless hours refining our craft, and refused to settle for anything we couldn't be proud to share with our friends, families & loved ones. The result - deli meats & cheeses, fresh artisan breads, and hand crafted sandwiches. It hasn't been easy, and we will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, as we believe we can change the ordinary sandwich world, with our hands, one sandwich at a time. We hope you enjoy our sandwiches as much as we do. Facebook: Follow us on Facebook at BetterBakeryCo. Instagram: Check out our hand crafted sandwiches on Instagram at BetterBakeryCompany. Still not had enough - check us out at Please recycle. Our Promise to You: We make a simple promise to serve the very best to our customers. If you are ever not completely satisfied, please let us know and we will make it right! Questions? Comments? Call toll-free 1-877-447-3279.