Naturally and artificially flavored. 50 calories per double pop. New! The original brand. Colors from natural sources. Best ice on a stick since 1905! They're back! 1 The very first Popsicle ice pop was created way back in 1905 by an 11-year-old named Frank Epperson. 2. Frank called his invention the Epsicle. It was a hit with the kids at school, and later with his own kids who called it Pop's sicle. The name was catchy and the treat was delicious, so Frank patented it in 1923 to share his Popsicle ice pops with the world! 3. The original double pop was invented during the great depression, when popsicle started freezing two pops together for the price of 1. popsicle.com. how2recyle.info. Hashtag. The double is back. Post! Post your photo. Show us who you're enjoying your first pop with now that (hashtag)thedoubleisback. Tell! Tell us your favorite double pop memory from yesteryears! Tag! Tag (hashatg)TheDoubleisBack & let us know what you think of our new Double Pop! Summertime memmories right on a stick. - (at)Helna_Handbskt. (hashtag)shareyouddoublepop. (hashtag)shareyourstory. (hashtag)rememberwhen. (hashatg)notjustforkids. Twitter: (at)popsicle. Instagram: (at)popsicle. Facebook: facebook.com/popsicle. Questions or comments? Call: 1-800-931-2849 or visit us online at popsicle.com.