Benihana Vegetable Hibachi Rice 10 oz

Rice with Mushrooms, Zucchini, Carrots, Onions, Egg and Edamame in a Hibachi Sauce. The Japanese steakhouse. Serving suggestion. See cooking instruction. Cook thoroughly What is Benihana. It's more than a meal. It's an experience. Here, you gather around the table as your personal chef performs the art of teppanyaki. Our teppanyaki chefs wear a tall, traditional red hat with a white chef coat. You watch as your chef expertly chops fresh onions and zucchini with razor-sharp knives. You listen as rice comes to perfect sizzle on the iron grill in front of you. And you take in the aroma of these ingredients coming together with carrots and egg to create an unforgettable flavor combination you won't find anywhere else, until now. Inspired by Benihana's classic menu, this meal will deliver the restaurant experience you love, at home! Enjoy! Scan here for more food information. Call 1-855-662-3734 for more food information. Questions? Comments? Call 1-855-662-3734. Please recycle.