Equaline Intense 1 Hour Whitening, Mint Flavor.

Contains: 2 sets of gel-free dry touch whitening trays; 2 single-use whitening accelerator rinses; 1 single-use minty-fresh whitening rinse. With gel-free dry touch trays. Visibly whiter teeth - fast & effective. Improved formula! Whitening without the wait. Simple, easy-to-use 5 step Intense-Tech whitening process. Same enamel-safe ingredient used by dentists. No messy gels - whitening power is built into each tray. Minty-fresh flavor leaves your mouth feeling clean. Visibly whiter teeth guaranteed! Intense-Tech whitening process. Enjoy whiter teeth in just 1 hour! To maintain a whiter smile, use this product every 6 months or as needed. Tooth and Gum Sensitivity: Some people may experience tooth or gum sensitivity when using whitening products. This condition is temporary and not harmful. See insert for details. www.supervalu-ourownbrands.com. Made in USA.