Els Snaps Bagel Chips, Garlic & Herb

Crispy. Light. Airy. Savory. Only 100 calories per serving! Gluten free & all natural. No gluten/wheat. No eggs. No peanuts/nuts. No dairy. No soy. GF: Certified gluten-free (Judge Flavors by Indulging). Good taste matters. What you have in your hands is a delicious snack with serious flavor that will please every palate - whether you watch your gluten consumption or not. Our Bagel Snaps have the same taste and crunch as the bagel chips all of your gluten-eating friends enjoy. But our special herb blend is baked right in so they taste even better. Not only are our Snaps gluten free, they're also free of the other major allergens: eggs, milk, soy, peanuts and nuts. Visit us at: elskitchen.com. Find us on: facebook & twitter. Product of USA.