Elmhurst Barista Edition Almond Milk 32 oz

No artificial flavors. Contains 3 g of protein. Boost your morning latte with an impressive 3 g of protein per serving. No added protein powders here. Dairy free. Gluten free. Vegan. Non GMO. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Est. 1925. Simpler. Better. Plant based. Blended with rice. Steams & froths beautifully. Simply made with only 6 ingredients. No added gums or emulsifiers. Steamer 2 in 1 creamer. Whether making a perfect microfoam, or adding flavor and tenure to your morning cup. we have your coffee needs covered. No added 0 gums or oils Many other plant-based creamers add gums like gellan, guar, locust bean. lecithin, or carrageenan. We don't, and never will. Why do we use dipotassium phosphate? This safe water-soluble salt is less than 2% of our product and provides the performance baristas need. When Henry Schwartz met Dr. Cheryl Mitchell, plant-based nutrition changed for the better. Well, actually, the simpler and better. Henry, a converted dairyman, and Dr. Cheryl, a renowned inventor, partnered to create a line of plant milks with fewer ingredients and more nutrition. They named this new brand, Elmhurst 1925, after Henry' family dairy company. Plant milks and coffee are a pair, but baristas are a picky sort, so we blended almonds with rice to craft a product for coffee that steams into the a more flexible microfoam that baristas love. It isn't just for professionals, though. Whether steaming to make a velvety cappuccino, or adding to your morning cup - our barista edition is a six-ingredient, plant-based answer to all of coffee's possibilities. We believe that' plant-based milks should taste just like their source. That's why we have only a few 7'4' simple ingredients in each carton. Simpler is better. Enjoy!. Henry & Cheryl. elmshurst1925.com. recyclecartons.com. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Find us online (at)elmhurst1925. To learn more about our products, visit elmhurst1925.com. Please recycle. recyclecartons.com. FSC: Mix - Board from responsible sources. www.fsc.org.