EarthGrains Plain Bagels

Now you can enjoy traditional bagels with great neighborhood bakery taste. The bakers of Earth Grains have learned the secret to making bagels that have the authentic taste and chewy texture you want. And, since Earth Grains Bagels are naturally low in fat and cholesterol free, they are a sound nutritional choice as well. The secret to these tasty bagels is how we make them. First, we water-boil them to ensure a moist and chewy texture inside. Then we bake the bagels to a shiny, golden brown crust. The result is a traditional bagel with great neighborhood bakery taste. Earth Grains Bagels will stay fresh and soft for days in your breadbox, and taste as good right out of the bag as they do toasted. Unlike most other bagels, you don't need to freeze them unless you plan on storing them more than a week. More than 60 years ago, our company was founded on the principle of providing the finest quality bakery. We are so confident our products will please you that we guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied, call toll free.