DL Jardines Special Edition Bag O'Fixins Kit, Texas Chili

Authentic ranch recipes. A Texas tradition since 79. Congratulations! You have just laid claim to the worlds finest quality 100% pure natural spices and fixin's for chili that money, oil, love and gold can buy. When it comes to quality ingredients and genuine campfire Texas chili flavor - DL Jardines simply has no equal. This chili mix is a product of over 25 years of Texas cooking traditions and our dedication to excellence and authenticity. You control the heat! Our spice packing procedure and all of our recipes provide you with the ability to cook your own personal bowl of chili as thick and as hot or as tame as you desire. You can make your chili hotter by adding up to all of the enclosed separate pack of hot red peppers or you can enjoy your chili while leaving the peppers out. Well, thats it. Now open up this bag of DL Jardines Texas Chili Fixins, recipes, western tradition and history and get ready to tie into the best bowl of Texas Red thats ever been fixed. Then youll agree that better chili fixins simply cant be found - Happy Trails, The Jardine Outfit.