President Brie

Soft-Ripened Cheese. The classic French Brie cheese. This President Brie has been cured to perfect ripeness just before being enclosed in its vacuum-sealed tin for a longer shelf life. This process provides a slightly different taste than freshly cut Brie. President Brie is a mild, delicately flavored soft-ripened cheese recognized for its white, edible rind and creamy, silky texture. It is a richly satisfying cheese that can be served at room temperature or heated. It can easily be enjoyed alone, or in combination with many foods and wines, especially high-moisture fruits such as melons, grapes and berries, sundried tomatoes, French and Italian breads and crackers, Champagne, red and dry white wines. Serving Ideas: President Brie is the French culinary treasure traditionally served as an appetizer or dessert and used as an ingredient in dressings, sauces, soups, sandwiches and entrees. All natural. No preservatives have been added. Product of France.