Field Roast Grain Meat Chao Vegan Slices Tomato Cayenne

Field Roast®.Grain Meat Co. Chao Vegan Slices Tomato Cayenne. Est. 1997. Seattle, WA. A blend of European and Asian heritage. With spicy peppers. Artisan vegan. Original. Non-GMO. Non-dairy. Chao slices! Welcome to field roast's newest family member: a vegan coconut cheese alternative seasoned with a traditionally fermented soybean curd called chao by the Vietnamese. We continue our fascination with blending Asian and European heritages by partnering with a Greek cheese maker and a family in Taiwan who makes the chao. We bring it all together in Seattle to create chao slices. Enjoy! Please get in touch. Give us a call 800-311-9497.