Cousin Willies Buttery Explosion Microwave Popcorn, Movie Theater, Extra Butter

Artificial flavor. 3 pack. 3 pop-n-serve bags. Vitamin A enriched. 100 select. CW's original. When you go to the movies and you want more butter - what do you ask for? Extra butter. Now you can get that Movie Theater Extra Butter flavor all the time with Cousin Willie's Buttery Explosion microwave popcorn. It delivers the ultimate taste in Movie Theater Extra Butter flavored popcorn. Experience the most intense, most delicious Explosion of butter that ever touched your taste buds! You'll savor every rich, buttery bite of our scrumptious, jumbo-size kernels. With all the reasons you have to love Cousin Willie's microwave popcorn, now you have one more. - Cousin Willie. Cousin Willie's popcorn is the smart snack for people who watch what they eat. Our popcorn is: cholesterol free; naturally high in fiber; excellent source of whole grains. Quality since 1944. Because when you get right down to it, the important difference isn't the name - it's the taste. Made in USA.