Bounce® Dryer Bar Starter Kit 1.92 oz. Pack

Stick it and forget it and never miss a load. Enjoy outstanding softness and static control released for you with none of the dyes and perfumes. Just stick it in the inside of your dryer & forget it for months of automatic softness and static control. It even helps repel lint and pet hair from your clothes. (*Depends on frequency of use & your dryer settings). The Dryer Bar is safe for your household dryer and safe for fabrics. For automatic freshness. Stick it and forget it. Freshness, static control and softness released for you, so you have one less thing to think about. Dryer safe and safe on fabrics. Free of Dyes and Perfumes You Stick It Inside the Dryer and You'll Never Miss a Load of Softness One Less Thing to Worry About in Your Laundry Gives You Outstanding Softness and Static Control It Even Helps Repel Lint and Pet Hair from Your Clothes No Sheet to Throw Away After Dryer Cycle Safe on All Household Dryers