Bobs Candy Canes, Peppermint

The original candy canes. The Tradition of the Candy Cane: Of all the beautiful traditions of Christmas, few are as ancient in meaning and rich in symbolism as the tradition of the candy cane. Since the tradition of the Christmas tree began, Christmas trees were customarily decorated with symbols of the newborn Christ. Candies represented the light of the world; the star recalled that first Christmas night; and the shepherd's crook symbolized the humble shepherds in their fields near Bethlehem, who were the first to receive the news, Unto you is born a savior. Christmas tree decorations in Europe (where this tradition originates) were primarily made of food - principally cookies and candies. This tradition symbolically expresses thanks for our daily bread, as well as providing a Christmas treat for the children. Thus, the shepherd's crook became the candy cane. As time went on, many ornaments took on a more permanent nature, but the candy cane retains the original meaning and use as a Christmas tree ornament. Candy canes on the Christmas tree symbolize the shepherds in the fields on that first Christmas night - shepherds who heard the angel chorus and came to worship at the crib of the newborn king. Most of all, they are an inexpensive and delightful Christmas treat for the family. Product of Mexico.