Birds Eye Garlic Chicken, Complete Meal

Pasta and grilled seasoned white chicken with broccoli florets, carrots and corn in a garlic sauce. Delicious complete meal. Inspired recipe. Flash frozen quality. Resealable bag! Family size - over 3 pounds! Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. For more recipes, ideas and inspiration, visit: The Birds Eye Promise: Market fresh taste, it's in everything we make. Start with chicken breasts, seasoned with oregano and romano cheese, grilled and sliced into perfect strips. Add tender broccoli florets, summer carrots, and sweet golden corn all picked at the peak of the season and flash-frozen. Search for the perfect rotelli pasta and cook it so it's just slightly al dente, then allow the chefs at Birds Eye Foods to create a creamy, delicate garlic sauce. The result is a wonderful marriage of Italian flavors and our best Birds Eye vegetables. For the farmers of Birds Eye Foods, nothing matters more than our promise to you: market fresh taste. It's in everything we make. Visit our website at