Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food

100% complete & balanced nutrition for adult dogs. Calorie-smart nutrition. To help maintain a dog's healthy weight. With wholesome rice & real chicken, accented with soy and vitamin-rich vegetables. With moist chewy chunks. What puts more spring in your best friend's step? Taking an extra-long walk. Finding his long lost toy. Hearing the jingle of the car keys. He'll also love the abundance of real, wholesome ingredients found in Beneful Healthy Weight. Made with great-tasting, real chicken, it's a perfectly balanced meal that helps keep your dog happy and healthy - with 10% fewer calories than Beneful Original. With Beneful, you can help your dog have it all - taste, nutrition, health and happiness! Healthful: Moist, chewy chunks with real chicken are protein-rich to help build strong muscles. Crunchy rice and other wholesome grains for energy, plus linoleic acid for a shiny coat. High-quality protein, including natural soy, helps maintain lean muscle mass during weight loss. Includes vitamin-rich vegetables and essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Omega fatty acids and antioxidants help support a healthy immune system. Calcium-enriched for strong teeth and bones. Flavorful: Real chicken for rich flavor. Variety of crunchy and moist pieces. Six distinct and delicious shapes. Tail-wagging freshness. Healthful. Flavorful.