Samuel Adams Summer Ale 12 Pack Wheat Ale Citrus Beer 12 ea

Limited Release Wheat ale brewed with lime, orange & lemon peels, grains of paradise, and with lemon puree added. Established Boston MA 1984. Citrus wheat ale. You must really love this beer if your are reading the bottom of the pack. Revolutionaries Wanted: In 1984, I quit my corporate job and started Samuel Adams Beer in my kitchen, understanding the challenges of starting a business, we set up a program to help makers and entrepreneurs thrive. To see how thousands of people have benefited, visit: Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association. Follow Us: Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. More Information: Visit our tap rooms in Boston, MA & Cincinnati, OH. VisitL 8 IBUs 5.3% alc./vol. 10.6 Brewed & Bottled: The Boston Beer Company, Boston, MA.