Audubon Park Wild Bird Food

Drought adjusted blend. Enriched formula. Good for birds' digestion and aids in preparing for breeding season (Contains calcium carbonate, an ingredient known to aid in digestion and help birds prepare for breeding season). FreshLock: freshness locked in. Tips for Attracting Birds: Place one or more feeders at various heights and locations throughout your yard. Birds will come to your feeders more readily from the security of a bush or tree. Audubon Park bird food features the exclusive FreshLock bag. This breakthrough in airtight packaging preserves the outstanding quality of the food in two ways: FreshLock seals out air and moisture to preserve nutrients. FreshLock is insect-resistant, so you can be sure of clean, fresh seed and grain in every bag. Feed the birds year-round. Thank you for choosing Audubon Park Wild Bird Food! Millions of bird lovers of all ages recognize Audubon Park as the quality bird food choice. We're proud to provide you with consistent products you can trust. Product of USA.